Ways to Save on Wedding Invitations

With wedding season in full swing I felt it was extremely important to share ways to save. Now remember the easiest way to save money is to cut your guest list down. I understand that might not be the best option to many people because you might have too many family or friends. So if you have already thought about that and are still trying to stay in a budget I am here to help.

Let’s start with the easy things like invitations. They are just paper, envelopes, and stamps, right? WRONG! Invitations are what your guests need to be able to read, to hang up, and to reference easily when they are trying to get to your wedding. They need to provide the addresses of the ceremony and reception, and driving directions between the two if needed.

So the best piece of advice is to buy standard rectangular invitations that can be mailed out with forever stamps. This is the cheapest most efficient way to inform your guests about your big event without breaking the bank.

I had a budget of $500.00 for my invitations and I tried my hardest to stick to my budget since I knew there would be many other places that I wanted to splurge a little more. For my wedding of 312 people invited, I spent $513.60 with invitations and envelopes. I had to spend an additional $103.00 on postage because I wanted to be different and get square invitations (BIG MISTAKE). Square invitations mean that you are moved to a different postage bracket, which ended up costing more money just to mail them. That is why I strongly recommend standard rectangular envelopes.

Save the Dates are the best way to inform guests of when your big day will be so they can plan their trip and/or weekend accordingly. Another cost efficient way to inform guests but not break the bank is to send an evite. Some older guests might find it a little tacky, but anyone under the age of 40 would love to receive an electronic way of adding to their digital calendar. For many of us at this time in our lives, we have WAY too many invites that we often misplace and/or lose before the event even happens.