Apps that give you cash back through eating, drinking, and shopping

There are tons of apps out there that advertise cash back, but are any of them really worth downloading? Well I am going to tell you about the three apps that I use to get more money in my pocket. I do not have the time to be the crazy coupon lady, but I also do not want to overpay for everything I buy.

Bevrage: Have you ever wanted to drink alcohol and get money back for doing it? Well look no further than the app called Bevrage. I downloaded the app March 1st and have already made $28.75. I just ordered what I wanted to drink from ANY restaurant or bar and took a picture of the receipt at the end. The only issue is if you drink more of the same drink throughout the night, you don’t make more money. For instance, if you ordered a light draft beer and Bevrage is giving you $0.75 for that, you can only claim it on one drink. You get paid through a paper check mailed to your house or through paypal. My opinion is that this app rocks and you should download it ASAP!

If you do decide to download Bevrage feel free to use my reference code of XHTPJMMN

Ibotta: This is probably one of my FAVORITE apps on my phone. You can shop at any store and take a picture of your receipt. It’s almost like coupon clipping after you have shopped. (You could of course look to see what they are offering before you shop, but you don’t have to). The app works by categories such as grocery, pharmacy, clothing, beer, wine, and spirits, beauty and wellness, and more. They even make it easier by being able to shop at specific stores like Target, Meijer, Walmart, etc. I love that I can shop at my favorite stores and take a photo of my receipt to unlock cashback. The money gets deposited into my paypal account once I reach a minimum of $20.00. You could also set up a Venmo account to have the money deposited.

If you decide to download Ibotta feel free to use my reference code of KWWBWHA

Ebates: Once again, getting money back for doing your everyday shopping. This time it is through online shopping. I usually do my Christmas shopping through ebates to get the most money back at the hardest time of the year financially for me. You shop through ebates, but can buy from stores such as Kohl’s, Best Buy, Macy’s, Loft, Lord and Taylor, Michael Kors, Toms, Old Navy, and many more. It is just online shopping with the perks of getting cash back!

If you decide to download Ebates feel free to use my referral of

If you have any apps or websites that will give you cash back please comment with the app and how much you have made already. I am always looking for more ways to save, so please let me know what you do.

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  1. I love apps like these, in the UK I use Moneybox, Topcashback & Quidco – they’re excellent but I don’t know if they work in other countries. My bank account has a “save the change” option, so if I spend, for example £3.60, it rounds it up to £4.00, takes the extra 40p and puts it into savings. Each money I save about £40 or £50 doing this and don’t even notice it being taken out of my account!

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