Meal prepping for the working woman

Let’s face it. Meal prepping is the cool new thing happening around us. Everyone everywhere is talking about how they are meal prepping. They are posting pictures of their meals on facebook, instagram, twitter, and just when you thought you didn’t have to see it anymore you receive a snapchat on how wonderful meal prepping is. So what’s so great about it anyways? I mean does making your meals on a Sunday night really have that many benefits? Well, I didn’t think so until I started doing it, and now I totally get it. I have so much more energy on Sunday than I do any other day during the workweek. I don’t really want to make a ton of food on Sunday (since it is the day of rest like my husband always says), but if I compare how tired I am on Sunday compared to a long day at work on a Tuesday, it makes total sense.

Meal prepping 101- plan your lunches accordingly.

Eating the same thing for lunch for five days is going to make you hate having your meals prepped , even though it is easier to make the same thing. Make about 2-3 different lunches to add some variety. For example, grilled chicken with green beans and potatoes, strawberry pecan salad, and Italian sausage with green peppers would be a great week’s worth of lunches. If you are grilling the chicken and Italian sausage at the same time, you can begin putting your salad together. All of this meal prep took me 38 minutes from start to finish. Although I was reluctant to get off of the couch on Sunday, it was well worth it when Wednesday came around and all I had to do in the morning was reach in the refrigerator to grab my lunch and go.

Weekly meal prep schedule:

Monday — Grilled Chicken with green beans and potatoes
Tuesday — Italian sausage with green peppers
Wednesday — Strawberry Pecan Salad
Thursday –Grilled Chicken with green beans and potatoes
Friday — Strawberry Pecan Salad

Once all of your lunches are made you can put them in your refrigerator for the week. All of these meals will last for the week and taste delicious when you’re eating them. They will even make your coworkers wonder how you have so much time on your hands to make such savory lunches.